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GEMCO provides multiple services to our customers. Our designers work closely with the architects, engineers and planners to ensure that every aspect of the undertaken service is completed to perfection and is as per customers’ requirement. Our teamwork and detail-orientation requires little effort on the customer’s part.

Our  team is backed with experts in the market who have been in this industry for over three decades mastering each and every process, understanding the client’s requirements with an absolute belief of not compromising on  high quality standards. Our services include:

  • General Trading & Service
  • Design & Construction, Supply & Installation
  • Periodical Maintenance

1. General Trading & Service:

Our Pool Support Store and Service Department have been geared towards supporting and maintaining pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms and water features we design and build. Our clients find the Pool Support Store is stocked with a wide variety of parts, chemicals, and knowledgeable advice on pool care and water chemistry. Our Service Department has a highly trained staff capable of the most complex repairs and keeping all pools sparkling clean. By teaming our Pool Support Store and Service Department, GEMCO provides unparalleled support to our clients.

2. Design & Construction, Supply & Installation:

The construction of family attractions and theme elements requires knowledgeable personnel to complete projects based on precise requirements, defined schedule and within the specified budget. In addition to specialty construction, GEMCO can assume the responsibility of a General Contractor and holds licenses for all the construction work undertaken by them.

GEMCO ensures that all aspects of the projects meet our strict quality control requirements. Our 34 plus years of construction experience ensures a pleasurable progress from design through completion. Specialized design and construction of swimming pools, spas, jacuzzis, steams, sauna rooms and fountains for residential and commercial purpose

GEMCO project designers use the latest AutoCAD equipment to produce plans from their own ideas or concepts and from the plans that are submitted by others. We work closely with architects, designers, builders, developers, owners and landscape professionals to convert your vision into reality.

We provide engineering and design services for special projects. We utilize products manufactured by international leaders in the Industry and offer the most excellent expertise in the industry for completion of these projects. GEMCO’s longevity in the industry has enabled us to conquer unique challenges encountered while working on customized and unique projects.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have many significant characteristics and one of the most important features is that a swimming pool should be individually designed and planned for the space they will occupy. We at GEMCO are experts in constructing swimming pools of different shapes and sizes.


GEMCO are experts in designing spacious spas and Jacuzzis for our clients. Spas and Jacuzzis are surely a soothing solution to everyday aches and pains. Spa medicine, one of the most ancient healing treatments in the world, plays an important role in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of serious pathologies, giving great relief to troubles and diseases.

Sauna & Steam

The sauna has existed in various forms for thousands of years. Its purpose, as a cleansing and relaxing habitation, has not changed over the time, but advances in technologies and applications have brought forth better and easier ways of enjoying the warmth of the sauna. The history of the steam bath can be traced far back into the mists of time. Popular with the ancient Greeks, the steam bath was subsequently adopted by the Romans as the "Sudatorium", which almost invariably formed part of the Roman baths of the period throughout the entire sphere of the Roman Empire. While steam baths were also built in Europe, new developments in steam generating technology have made it possible to install steam baths almost anywhere at a reasonable cost.

Fountains & Water Features

GEMCO works with architects, interior designers, engineers, as well as talented artists. Our keen awareness in visualizing each detail is what creates a vision, which brings each design to life. What better way to recreate nature’s majesty than with a custom fountain or water feature design. We can create a peaceful atmosphere to blend tranquility into your project. We can create impressive center pieces and indoor/outdoor water features to accent your environment. GEMCO specializes in the design and construction of unique leisure projects; projects that can capture the unrivaled beauty of nature with features ranging from a simple entrance fountain to a large waterfall and amazing designs for pools and spas.

3. Periodical Maintenance

Whether a small domestic or larger commercial the ultimate pleasure of any pool is to enjoy swimming in crystal clear, sparkling water. Regular swimming pool maintenance and servicing is essential, both to protect the Client investment and enhance their enjoyment.

A comprehensive selection of after sales swimming pool servicing schemes offer our clients the choice of how they wish to ensure their pool always looks it's best. For the Commercial clients the needs often vary so a choice of flexible tailored swimming pool maintenance schemes are available. These often include management reports ensuring the operator is confident that their pool maintains the standards laid down by the local Health & Safety inspectorate.

Model building and consultation

Model building and consultation are two important services of GEMCO. Highly detailed scale models are part of the pre-construction phase of most projects.